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Lose Weight with Green Tea

Lose Weight with Green Tea
Green tea shown to help increase metabolism, which later will help you lose weight. Just the right amount in the consumption of green tea per day to lose weight is not defined.
Most experts say that two cups of green tea per day is enough, keep in mind too much caffeine is not good for health. Of course, the maximum limit caffeine intake is different for each oranng, depending on the overall food consumption, eksehatan conditions and lifestyle, so it is advisable to consult your doctor dnegn.
For you lovers of tea and green tea want to include in the daily diet to help you lose weight, this tip.
1. Serve hot
Although technically the green tea cold and hot green tea is the same, but the difference is the cold version usually has a moisture content more, because the ice is melting. This is what will make green tea a little more fluid and reduce its effect. It is fine if you want to eat the occasional cold green tea, but try to eat them more often in hot conditions to get maximum results.
2. Select the best quality
Choose the best green tea products, the better the product, usually the better the quality. Also, make sure no additional preservatives, so you consume green tea is really fresh and natural, which are naturally rich in anti pksidan and provide many healthy benefits for the human body, including helping you lose weight.
3. Add friends healthful
Add some lemon juice in your green tea to give a better effect in weight loss. This combination will naturally cleanse your body of toxins and lowers cholesterol levels. Similarly, if you do not like the natural flavor of green tea, you can add a little honey.
4. Choose fresh
Like most other things, the effectiveness of green tea can decrease if you do not eat them in a fresh state. Most bottled green tea on the market will include an expiration date, but if you buy raw green tea products, make sure you consume in six months, when still in fresh condition. Because at this point, the anti-oxidant content works very effectively.
5. Change your diet
Naturally green tea is very healthy and can help the process of weight loss. But, this is not a magic solution to solve your obesity problem. Green tea in order to work effectively in aiding weight loss, it is important to change your diet as well. Perform control on the calories you consume per day, make sure that you eat a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and calories that the body needs. Thus, the effects of green tea are readily visible.
One thing that should be remembered and recognized, that green tea alone will not emmbantu you lose weight. Thus, avoid reliance on green tea. You must emngonsumsinya in the right amount and balance it with a healthy diet.
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